Lingo-network is an internet platform that I programmed to make it easier to learn Chinese Characters.
It is based on a MySQL database and a web frontend that can be accessed via SSL encrypted connection.
Using the web interface it is possible to create so called learning-cards. A learning-card is a group of Chinese vocabularies that are somehow related to each other. This can be very helpful, because often Chinese nouns use special verbs with it. Or the groups contain words with opposite meanings (like love and hate).
There are different accounts with different functions and permissions.
The usual user may use the database as a reference book like a dictionary. He can use the search fuction to search for the German translation, the Chinese pronunciation, the Chinese writing or even the radicals that build the Chinese character.
He can use the learning-cards to create his personal slide show and he can create his personal learning-cards.
The administrator may also create new learning-cards. They will be stored in a non public database until a user with a teacher account grants they are correct or posts a suggested change.
Only then they will be added to the public database.

The project is still in it’s testing period.
It is planned to enable seeking contacts and exchange learning-cards for the user accounts.